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Suites in Terrazza



- How can I check availability?
On the website (entry Bookings) or with our staff: Tel +39.338.6396305.

- How to book?
After checking the availability online, the system opens the reservation form where the guest IDs and credit card details must be entered. Check the correctness of the data in the summary and then confirm the reservation. In short you will be contacted by our staff.

- Can you book by phone?
Yes, at the number: Tel +39.338.6396305. The reservation is final after our written confirmation.

- On behalf of whom will the booking be?
On behalf of the client completed on the booking form.

- What are the response times?
We try to respond to our customers as soon as possible, in any case within 12 hours.

- What can I do if I do not receive an answer within 12 hours?
We invite you to contact us by phone +39.338.6396305 or by e-mail

- How long before arrival must we make a reservation?
Reservations can be made until arrival, it is advisable to book in advance to have a choice of suites.

- I tried to book but the chosen suite is busy.
In case the selected suite is busy, we recommend to see more. You can check availability directly by phone.

- Is it possible to change the reservation?
Yes, by contacting our staff who will check the feasibility and give confirmation. - What should I do if I want to extend my stay?
Communicate this intention to our staff, so we can check the availability of the suite and reserve it.

- I do not like the chosen suite.
The possibility of assigning another suite to the client depends on availability. We invite our guests to communicate requests as soon as possible.

- How should I proceed to cancel my reservation?
Contacting our staff. As for the booking also for cancellation until the customer receives a confirmation from our staff the cancellation is not considered final. Recall that the cancellation in the last week before the scheduled arrival means that we hold the 30% deposit. In the last 48 hours we hold a one night penalty.

- Will a deposit be requested for the furniture of the suite?
No, we trust education and common sense.



- What are the payment methods?
Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard. In the event that the customer can not / want to use the credit card we ask for a 30% deposit by bank transfer.
IBAN IT 75 Y 02008 05252 000400718004, the balance must be paid on arrival in cash.

- My credit card number is correct but the system does not accept it.
It is advisable to check the balance of the relative CC and try again after a few hours. If the problem persists please contact us.

- When is the payment charged to my CC?
The number of the credit card we request at the time of booking serves as a guarantee, the amount is debited on arrival.

- Apart from the euro, do you also accept other coins?
Payment for the moment is only possible in euros.

- In the case of cancellation of the reservation how much is you detained?
If your cancellation occurs before 7 days of arrival, the reservation will be canceled without charge. In the case of cancellation in the last 7 days before arrival, the amount equal to 30% of the advance will be withheld. In case of cancellation in the last 48, one night is charged.

Check in / Check out

Check in / check out

- What are the check-in and check-out times?
Our guests are welcomed by the staff by 14:00 to 20:00 at night. For subsequent arrivals you must make direct agreements.
Check-out from the suites is scheduled before 11:00.

- If for any reason late check-in, will there be someone waiting for me?
It is good to warn our staff, both in the case of a late scheduled arrival (evening flight, ..) and in case of an unexpected event. As the structure does not have a night reception, our guests are asked to contact us +39.338.6396305 to organize the reception.

- On the day of departure can I stay a few more hours in the suite if the staff has confirmed to me that another guest will not come?
We ask our guests to vacate the suites by 11:00 on the day of check-out. It is possible to leave the suitcases in our store, except on Sundays.

- Will the suite be checked before I leave?
As soon as the suites are vacated, they must be cleaned. Forgotten items are recovered the same day of departure (except Sunday).

- If I forget personal items in the room, who can I contact after departure?
In case of items forgotten in the suite, please contact the Cell: +39 331 287 16 30.



- How do you get to the suites in Via Ottoboni by car?
From the ring road A90 (GRA) turn onto Via Tiburtina SS5 - drive to the corner of Via Ottoboni at the Binacci store.

- How far are the suites from the train station, from the Fiumicino / Ciampino airport, from the bus stop, from the subway?
Via Ottoboni:
200 m from the bus stop
3 bus stops (No. 309, 211) from Tiburtina train station
3 bus stops (No. 309, 211) from the metro B Tiburtina station
3 bus stops (No. 309, 211) and 4 metro stops B from Termini train station
28 km from Ciampino airport
33 km from the Fiumicino airport

- What is the most convenient way to get downtown (by public transport)?
Via Ottoboni: bus No. 309 at Tiburtina station, then metro B

- Does the structure offer transport from / to .. (airport, train station, city center, ..)?
It is possible to book, through a request to our staff, at special prices.

- Can I ask the staff to book a taxi?
Our staff is available. It is also possible to book a car with a driver.

General conditions

General conditions

- Hours of silence
We ask our customers to keep silence between 23 and 7 in the morning.

- How many people can stay in the suites?
The description of each suite indicates the maximum number of people that can accommodate. We ask our customers to respect it.

- What is the minimum age for booking a suite?
18 years.

- Is it possible to organize a party in my suite?
We ask our customers to avoid organizing meetings and parties in the suites so as not to disturb other guests.

- Can I have guests in the suite?
Only the persons indicated in the booking are allowed in the suites.

- Where can I smoke?
All suites are smoking free, equipped with smoke sensors. We pray to our guests to respect it. You can smoke in the balcony or on the terrace.


Parking area

- Does the structure offer the possibility of covered parking?
Yes, we have covered underground parking and a garage for reservation.

- Is parking included in the price of the suite automatically or should it be booked?
When booking, ask for parking and specify whether the guest prefers a simple parking space or a garage. They are both paid.

- When is the parking remote control given to me?
Guests receive the remote at check-in.

- When and where should I return the parking remote control?
On the day of departure you must hand over the remote control to our staff.

- Is it possible to have more parking spaces for a suite?
According to availability, the customer can reserve more parking spaces.



- What is the fee for the stay of the children?
Children over 12 years must pay the tourist tax as adults.

- Is it possible to have a cot / cot in the room?
We do not have cots but in all the suites except Ciprea it is possible to add a bed for children. The cost is 10 euros per night.

- Is there a playground in the vicinity of the suites?
The nearest is in Via Achille Benedetti.



- Is the building equipped with an elevator?

- Is there access for the disabled?
Yes, the entrance hall has a wheelchair ramp and the Kelp apartment has no stairs. So also the Nautilus and the Mako. The other suites are not suitable.

- Does the structure offer a swimming pool, a beauty point, a fitness center?
On the terraces in via Pietro Ottoboni a private jacuzzi (suites Mola Mola, Arapaima, Ciprea and Kelp) or a small pool with very low water to cool off in the summer (Chimera suites) and enjoy the maximum relaxation in full autonomy are at guests' disposal and privacy. Tilapia, Nautilus and Mako do not have a Jacuzzi or courtesy pool. For a beauty point and fitness center, customers can contact our staff who will be happy to recommend a nearby facility.

- Will I find in the suite fridge, bar, microwave, satellite TV, safe, linen?
Yes, you will find a mini bar, LCD satellite TV, Ipod slot, safe, kettle for tea or coffee, fine bed linen and towels.

- Are the suites air-conditioned?
All suites have air conditioning to regulate the temperature independently.

- Is tap water safe?
Yes, the water in our facility is drinkable and it is also good.

- How often are sheets and towels changed?
We change the bed and bath linen every 3 days, unless a light cleaning is agreed.

- What does light cleaning consist of?
Light cleaning is for guests who have long stays and have special rates. It consists in the rearrangement of the bed, the breakfast and the bathroom. In this case the linen change is weekly.

- Can I request a more frequent change of sheets and towels?
The most frequent change of linen is possible, but it is an extra to be paid separately.

- How often are the rooms arranged?
The rooms must be arranged every day, except Sunday, to ensure maximum care and cleanliness. Cleaning takes place every day from 10:00 to 13:00.

- Can I order the delivery of flowers / champagne / gifts in the suite?
For any type of request, customers can contact our staff.

- Does the structure also offer some tourist trips?
In every suite our customers find the indications of the most important points of interest. On request our staff can provide the offer of the various local tourist agencies. This is not a service that we take care of directly. We limit ourselves to informing you about specialized interlocutors.

- Whom can I contact in the event of a theft?
In the event of a theft, please contact our staff immediately. Fortunately, today has never happened.

- Is there the possibility of free access on the internet?
In all the suites and on the terraces there is free wi-fi for our guests. The password is written on the sheets available to you in the room.

- Is the service included?
The service is included, but a 3 euro bonus per day is very welcome for each suite.

- When and how is breakfast served?
The breakfast is prepared independently by the guests. In each suite, customers find an electric kettle, different types of tea, coffee, biscuits, yogurt, milk, cereals, butter and jam. The morning is brought and left outside the door so as not to disturb a croissant or croissant. This breakfast is free and included in the price.
On request, the staff can also offer fruit and more. According to the breakfast card compiled by the customer and that must be left outside the door the previous day and requested by email. The ordered breakfast is served in the room between 7.30 and 10.30. This is not included in the price but is an extra. Its price is indicated on the form in the room.

not to be missed

Not to be missed

- What are the sights in the surrounding area?
The location of the suites is strategic given the proximity of the Tiburtina station from where you can easily reach most of the tourist destinations. Rome is not only the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Altare della Patria, the Vatican and the numerous churches and museums. Those who really want to know the "genius loci" and understand more from history and the Roman mentality know that you have to leave the walls of the Eternal City and explore the surrounding provinces as well.

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